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Jason Boyd

NAME: Jason Boyd (aka The Grandad Of Rad)

AGE: 50

HOMETOWN: Hemel Hempstead

RESIDES: Barnstaple, North Devon

PROFESSION: Master Carpenter

PURSUITS: BMXer, Skateboarder, Surfer, occasional Snowboarder.

ABOUT: I’m that “Old Guy” that turns up at skateparks and still rips on 2 wheels or 4, smiling the whole time! Skateboarding since 1975 and BMXing since 1980. I’ve never stopped doing what I love, except when recovering from injury’s. (There’s been quite a few of them, some big!)

A competent skater but knee surgeries have robbed me of my Ollie pop. But I’m still having a blast carving, grinding, rock n rolling, airing and loads of other stuff a 50 year old shouldn’t be doing. Also love some downhill on my 44” pintail, or cruising to the shops on my Sims superply

BMX is what I’m best at. Like most BMXers of the early 80’s, it all started with racing. I did ok at it but didn’t like the competitive nature of it. I liked to jump and do tricks. I got seriously into freestyle and in 84 I entered and won a big event. A week later I was riding for the Peugeot Levi’s freestyle team and for a couple of years, I did demos around the country. I also rode in 2 of the legendary Holeshot British championships. In my peak I was well known for doing huge airs out of quarter pipes and bowls.

I’ve ridden just for the love of it ever since. But, over the last few years since divorce and my kids growing up, I’ve been able to get more time to ride. At the age of 50 I’m actually progressing and learning new tricks every week. I attend many events organised for older riders, all over the country. I'm often one of, if not the oldest rider in attendance but It doesn’t stop me riding the whole session and keeping up with the young guns.

I’ve got a decent sized bag of tricks. I have fun and it keeps me in good shape.

I don’t fly as high as I used to but I can still fly.

AWARDS: Holeshot British Champs 1985. Southsea 2018

Size Chart
SMALL 34"-36"  27"
MEDIUM 38"-40" 28"
LARGE 42"-44" 29"
X-LARGE 46"-48" 31"
X2-LARGE 50"-52" 32"
X3-LARGE 54"-56" 33"
X4-LARGE 58"-60" 33"
X5-LARGE 62"-64" 33"