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Dean Taylor

NAME: Dean Taylor

AGE: 41

RESIDES: Gloucester

ABOUT: Always on the lookout for new challenges and adventures. I have played in various bands since my school days and still enjoy gigging now. Everything from Country to Punk and all between.
I’ve been lucky enough to Skydive and ride on Europe’s longest/fastest zip line along with Kickboxing and Mountain Boarding over the years. Most recently I decided to embrace my Old Guys Rule side by taking up Skateboarding. I never rolled as a child but now with kids of my own, there was only so many trips to the local Skate Park that I could just sit and watch so I decided to get a board and give it a go despite being in my 40’s. Turns out it hurts and is a lot harder than I expected but there’s an amazing community spirt out there linked to boarding and I’m meeting some great people as a result. It’s become a passion to try and get as many new ‘Older’ people riding as possible and just getting out of their comfort zones doing stuff they may never until now have dreamed of. Get out there and make the most of it!

PURSUITS: I’ve recently started running to up my fitness and am enjoying regular park runs with a view to tackling a half marathon at some point in the near future.

FAVOURITE DRINK: I am a Cider Drinker….I drinks it all of the day

FAVOURITE PLACE: North Devon. Woolacombe and the surrounding areas has become like a second home as my family visits so often. Nothing tastes better than the first bottle of beer after a surf!

AWARDS/ACCOLADES: Best unsigned band – Kerrang Radio, Best Punk Song – Exposure Music Awards

QUOTE: 'Love Life and Everyone in it'